Hämeenlinna Street AR[t]
festival 15th - 16th of June 2019

Digitally enhanced street art festival and competition!

Hämeenlinna Street AR[t] combines street art and AR-content. You can also experience digital art, video art, music and 3D art. The whole festival is gathered around a street art competition!

Interactive digital art

Try how it feels when the art piece chages according to your movemwnts! Cristina Pop-Tiron's and Signe Kjaer Jensen's art pieces make your movements to become art.

Virtual artist

Come to see how VRHUMAN (Vlad Ilic) paints in virtual reality. We show on screen what VRHUMAN paints in the virtual world, see the whole process from painting to AR-content!

Video art and 3D art

Experience video art and 3D art in the city. You can see VRHUMAN's amazing 3D art vith AR and go to look at video art in different locations.

Music and visuals

Follow various music performaces and see the beautiful visuals during the festival. Meet prized beatboxer Ivory Nexor Parker from Autria!